BolognaFiere Water&Energy – BFWE – is a joint-venture founded by BolognaFiere, one of the main italian players in fairs/exhibitions market along with Mirumir, a company which has promoted and organised exhibitions and conferences on energy and innovation techonologies.

Its mission is to contribute in sharing knowledge about water, energy, new technologies and their social and ecconomic value.

The only way to move forward in the green tranistion is through a productive debate, based on scientific data
and expertise.

Research & Development, Digitalization, Sustainability, are the key words for BFWE.



Mariarosa Baroni

President, NGV Italy

Flavio Merigo

President, Assogasmetano

Dante Natali

President, Federmetano

Gaetano Pergamo

Director, Confesercenti

Dario Soria

Director-General, Assocostieri

Giuseppe Sperduto

President, FAIB